DexCloud Start-up Accelerator

Tal Segal | July 14, 2021

DexCloud Start-up accelerator is the ultimate platform for start-ups at all stages providing a path for future growth. Through this program, DEX provides the kind of expertise, and partnerships that enable growth and drive cloud-based innovation.

The program provides start-ups the tools needed to scale from any stage by providing access to on-demand resources and a team of DevOps experts providing you a tailor-made solutions by best practices.


  • Our cutting-edge technological ecosystem for Start-ups:
  • High scalability structure.
  • Flexible resource pooling.
  • On-demand self-service cloud provisioning.
  • Secure architecture with multiple layers of security against cyber-attacks.
  • As-a-service delivery model charged on a service consumption-basis.
  • Highly available access to DevOps resources and services.
  • Managed services by DEX Cloud Solution Provider.


Grow with you:


* Benefits and stages can be change per customer needs (Tailor made solution)


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